Christine Roberts

I moved from Toronto to the Bancroft area in my early 20s, where my husband and I raised 2 children. It was there that I got very involved with their growing arts community. After 33 years in Bancroft, we discovered Elliot Lake.

I have been a member of the Elliot Lake Arts Club for 17 years. When I first arrived I was mainly a weaver and a master spinner, so I was very happy to find a busy weaving studio. 

After a while I tried pottery, painting, printing, stained glass then finally copper enamelling.
I had discovered the joys of being part of a multi-discipline Arts Club. 
I love them all, but for now have settled into the stained glass and copper enamelling studios. At home I’m still a fibre person with spinning, bobbin lace and needle felting. I sell some of my work at the Club’s various Show & Sales throughout the year and have, over the years, given various workshops, enjoy doing demos and at present I’m taking my turn as president of the Arts Club.
Christine Roberts     705 848-8272   705 261-3883