Jean McKay

Jean McKay is a self taught Scottish artist who has lived in Canada for many years. Her primary medium is ink and watercolour, where the ink provides the structure, while the watercolours give way to freedom and unpredictability.  Jean began drawing at an early age and recalls watching her Dad paint with oils. She enjoys the process of making art as it is methodical and meditative.  She finds joy in mixing watercolours to create shades of colours she’s not yet encountered.  Jean uses her art to remind people of the beauty of nature and evoke nostalgic memories of the past. She has a passion for genealogy and has a keen obsession with her ancestry and family trees. Jean currently lives in Elliot Lake, Canada where she retired to after 35 years in healthcare in Toronto. To see and follow her artistic journey visit her on Instagram at jean.mck_369.

I created these small paintings in ink and watercolour to evoke memories of places and activities of the past.  The paintings are 2 1/2″ x 3″1/2″.