Eats 'n Treats Luncheon

On Wednesday, May 10th the Elliot Lake Arts Club held a fundraiser, Eats’ n Treats, to welcome Spring.

Fresh flowers along with colourful napkins and tablecloths set the mood for the day.

Grace Christian Centre presented our forty eight guests with a delicious vegetable soup, chicken salad deluxe sandwich and a peach  trifle for dessert.

Each attendee also received a handwoven place mat and a gift which were all made by the Elliot Lake Arts Club members. Six people went home with an extra gift they received in a draw and others went home having the winning bid in the silent auction.

The day was just what spring should be like, sunshine, flowers, laughter and a good time had by all.

The Elliot Lake Arts Club would like to thank all those who came and made our event a great success.

Pictured here are Anne McLean, Alison Rogers, Jessica Higdon, Steve & Heather Porritt.