Jean Grady

Location: Hampton Inn (Maple Room)

Medium: Painting, Acrylic

Jean Grady captures the rugged allure of the big open skies, lakes, and trees of the Northern Ontario landscape with a distinctive impressionistic style. Jean is a retired teacher whose passion for painting began at an early age and was kindled through a blend of workshops and university courses.  She is mesmerized by the intricate patterns of light and shadow in the woods and the sky’s reflections on the surface of the water. Jean paints from personal connections and experiences, often framing her paintings from her perspective in a kayak, giving the viewer a chance to feel like they, too, are on the water. She prefers acrylics for the freedom to maintain a fresh style with vivid colours and a broad value range, enabling her to create art that is joyful, full of bold harmonies and detailed with a whimsical touch of magic. Her goal is to touch on subjects and experiences that bring forth a memory or a feeling, connecting the viewer with the image. Jean hopes her paintings give people a feeling of joy and peace.